We congratulate you for taking the first step towards a better life. We look forward to building a relationship with you, supporting you as you reach your goals, and celebrating your success.

Dr. Francis J. Averill and his wife, who between them have lost over 90 pounds, developed our physician supervised wellness & weight loss program. They understand the complex issues and struggles involved in losing and maintaining weight loss. It is their desire to reach out and help others achieve success in this crucial aspect of their lives. They have developed an integrated approach to support you to your success. Click here to contact us or to book your appointment.

New research in obesity has shed light on the fact that obesity is a disease that requires quality medical treatment. Our doctor, Francis J. Averill, and his staff, continually attend medical conferences, so they can provide you with the most current and medically verified treatments in obesity medicine.

As part of our wellness program, you will have access to a weight loss coach, and your progress will be checked and supported weekly.

Studies have shown that weight management is more successfully reached and maintained with group support. We offer this additional element as part of our integrated approach.

Our program involves real food, exercise, and natural supplements for weight loss.

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