From Our Patients

“I am happy to report that, as of today, I have lost 32 pounds in 15 weeks at St. Francis Wellness. My doctor has taken me off a prescription medicine called ‘Aciphex’ which I was taking once a day at a cost of $900 a year.” – BH, Clearwater


“Thanks for giving me back my husband and our busy lifestyle!”


“Dr. Averill, You listen, you care, a rare thing in doctors today. Thank you again.”


“I had my wife look back at our bank statements and see how much we had spent on groceries for 3 months before I started with the program, then the 3 months after I started losing weight. The difference was $430.46 for a 3 month or 13 week period. That would be $33 per week not counting how much I was saving by not going to the drive thru. That had to be at least $10 a week.” – JS, Clearwater